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This 5-day course provides good understanding to perform ISO/IEC 33002 conformance assessment. This certified course is performed in accordance with intacs™ standards ( and finishes with participants qualifying as Provisional Assessors (Automotive SPICE®). intacs™ is officially recognised by vehicle manufacturers (OEMs).


Given our very experienced trainers intacs™ Certified Principal Assessors with many years of experience in this field, participants will learn how to perform assessments in theory and practice. With numerous practical exercises and tips the course prepares participants to be able to work independently on individual topics in process improvement projects & assess and improve processes in their own company in accordance with Automotive SPICE®. They will be able to participate as co-assessor in formal assessment with lead assessor.


After successfully completing the certified training, participants are qualified to participate in Automotive SPICE® assessments.  



This five day course offers participants 

·       an intacs™ certified Provisional Assessor qualification   

·       an understanding of the difference and the relationship between ISO/IEC 15504 or 33K and Automotive SPICE®

·       an understanding of performing assessment 

·       basic interviewing techniques

·       the capability to perform a process evaluation 

·       first experiences of how to perform an assessment by way of role plays

·       an understanding of what is required of an assessment report and how to meet these requirements

·       the ability to perform and document an official assessment with Competent Assessor.

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