We IQI consulting services pvt. Ltd. Plans and implement the process excellence programs using various methods like questionnaire approach, proforma approach, matrix chart approach and many more to implement process excellence and the we measure it and analyse it so that we can use the data in future and reach towards operational excellence. 

After rigorous iteration of process and operational excellence we are able to reach towards a stage where a business can be made sustainable enough so that it can be managed and performed as process driven business rather than human driven business.

Business Models and frameworks are implemented in the companies so that it can become a perfect scale-able and sustainable business and that to with defined process and operation rather than human defined approach. IQI tries to align these with organizational profile like environment, relationships and strategic situations so that it can be measured and analysed and stored into knowledge management systems for further references.

IQI provides services in Asia Pacific region like India, China, Japan, Korea, etc.

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