CMMI is defined in terms of Process Area (PA), which are group of tasks to be performed to accomplish particular activity. For example Project Planning (PP) process area defines all tasks to be performed to plan the project. There are total 22 PAs. There is another dimension defined in this model known as Level (Capability or Maturity), which applies to all PAs similarly. The level focuses on what need to be accomplished in PA and Level 2 to 5 focus on how good PA can be performed. These concepts are explained during CMMI trainings. Please refer Training page for details.

The organization need to get their processes evaluated by SEI certified professionals to claim / show the organization process are compliance to CMMI requirement. This activity is known as Appraisal which is carried out as per defined method Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI). For details on CMMI Appraisal please refer CMMI Appraisal Page.

Any organization / establishment has some set rules to function or to perform their work, and commonly known by different terms like system, procedure, standard operating procedure, processes etc. CMMI model provides generic guidance with collection of practices, which have been proved effective around the world. These practices need to be understood in the organization context to provide best effect on organization working and achieve CMMI compliance. IQI has experienced professional to help understand the CMMI requirement & drive the process improvement. 

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