Functional Safety (ISO 26262) has been released & being used by Car Manufacturers (OEM) &Suppliers (Tier-1&Tier-2) to develop safety critical products. ISO 26262 defines the detailed requirements which need to be adhered to as per safety critical level. 

The safety critical levels are categorized into four ASIL (Automotive Safety Integrity Level), named as ASIL-A, B, C & D. ASIL-A has lessor requirements & ASIL-D with all requirements defined in the standard. 

ISO 26262 specifies requirements for process & product, which includes steps, methods & tools. The standard contains mainly 9 parts covering complete product development activities from system development to software development including production activities.

IQI provides following services for Functional Safety (ISO 26262):

  • Introduction to ISO 26262 Training
  • Functional Safety Audit

For more information on Functional Safety Consulting, please refer “Consulting > Functional Safety”, for Safety Audit related activities “Assessment > Functional Safety” & for current training “Training > Training Calendar” or contact us

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