Training and experience are two main component to build the excellence, same applies to process improvement too.CMMI instittutes defines many authorized trainings which is provided by either CMMI institute or by transition partners. As IQI is transition partner of CMMI institute we are authorised to do training on behalf of CMMi institute to corporate and companies looking forward to implement CMMI in their processes. 

Few trainings are developed and provided by IQI by most experiences trainiers in industry who has practical knowloedge on process improvement and provide practical training on different process areas like project management, engineering support and organization.

Few Official trainings provided by IQI are:

  •         Official Introduction to CMMI
  •         Introduction to CMMI
  •         CMMI Maturity Level 2 Process area training
  •         CMMI Maturity Level 3 Process area training

Please refer to training calendar for current training planned or write to us for specific training need on

IQI provides services in Asia Pacific region like India, China, Japan, Korea, etc.

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