CMMI®, Capability Maturity Model® Integrated, is a process model used to establish & improve the organization processes to support achieving organization & project goal. 

CMMI is defined with evolutionary improvement concept having 5 steps, known as level (Capability or Maturity). CMMI model is also used to evaluate, termed as “Appraisal” to rate the process (Capability) or set of processes (Organization Maturity). CMMI model can be used in any domain of work through development, services & acquisition constellations.

IQI consultants are experienced to understand organization process needs & interpret CMMI model in their context. We at IQI strive to help organization to define, revise processes to meet CMMI requirements by interpreting it in their context & working need, train the process users, help in implementation through coaching & audits.

We at IQI support organization to improve & sustain processes through:

  • Identifying gaps between existing processes and CMMI requirements
  • Understanding “as-is” steps in the organization
  • Defining “to-be” processes to meet CMMI requirement by refining “as-is” step
  • Providing training to process users
  • Transferring knowledge to process group (EPG)
  • Supporting to sustain processes & continuous improvement

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