Automotive SPICE® is a process model developed by Automotive SIG (Special Interest Group) & now formally owned by VDA. This model is used by Car Manufacturers (OEM) & Tier-1 to evaluate (called as Assessment) suppliers’ processes. Automotive SPICE is defined with evolutionary improvement concept of 5 Capability Level.

intacsTM (international Assessor Certification Scheme), has defined the professional certification rule to certify & maintain personal skill to perform Automotive SPICE related services. IQI has intacsTMcertified professional to provide different services related to Automotive SPICE®.

IQI provides following services for Automotive SPICE®:

  •          Introduction to Automotive SPICE® Training
  •          intacsTM Certified Provisional Assessor Training
  •          intacsTM Certified Provisional Assessor Training
  •          Formal Assessment based on Automotive SPICE for Capability / Maturity Level

For more information on Automotive SPICEConsulting, please refer “Consulting> Automotive SPICE”, for Assessment related activities “Assessment > Automotive SPICE” & for current training “Training > Training Calendar” or contact us

IQI provides services in Asia Pacific region like India, China, Japan, Korea, etc.

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